How To Join!

Requirements for Membership:
Any person of good character, of any race, gender, nationality and social status, who is loyal to their country and believes in a Supreme Being, is eligible for membership. Odd Fellowship strictly forbids any interference with one’s religious beliefs or political opinions. Our jurisdiction requires candidates to be 16 years old. The Lodge charges an initiation fee and annual dues. The amount of dues is currently set to $35.

Become A Member:
Those interested simply would either contact the Lodge, meet a current member or come to an Odd Fellow sponsored event and let us know your intention. Once we are aware of your intention we strongly suggest the following:
1.) Research the order.  Information is in every library and all over the internet.

2.) Drop in on the day of a meeting about 30 minutes before the scheduled time, and introduce yourself. We will be glad to meet you.
Attend Lodge dinners and functions so you have the opportunity to get to know the members and see first hand some of the benevolent programs we are involved in.

3.) Keep in mind you are considering joining a world wide fraternal order.

4.) Consider the time you have to offer.  Odd Fellows are Odd Fellows 24/7 365.

5.) If after you have contemplated the above and wish to proceed you will need a sponsor.  If you don`t personally know someone in the Lodge and wish to join and have made your intention to become a member clear then one will be appointed for you.

6.) This becomes your official start.  You will be educated on what is expected and you will be asked to be involved in various lodge functions and activities as well.

7.) When your sponsor feels confident you have gained the knowledge to make a well informed decision on joining the order, your sponsor will let the lodge know and the members will vote on you at a regularly scheduled meeting.

8.) Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance of membership to a Lodge. The Lodge will ballot to accept you as a member.  If the vote is favorable, you will be brought to the next Initiation and start a life long journey of helping your fellow man and expanding your fraternal relations with the world.

You can also download the application below; then show up with fee in hand, or mail with money order. You will then be contacted with further steps as soon as application is recieved!


Application For Membership

Download File